Servant of Two Masters

Atelier’s Darcy Kent joins an ensemble cast in the Commedia dell’ Arte Italian classic The Servant of Two Masters.

A hungry servant bites off more than he can chew when he agrees to serve two masters at the same time!

Watch this calamitous comedy unfold as he skids and schemes his way through multiple beatings, mistaken identity and love gone awry on the streets of decadent 18th Century Venice. This new translation of Goldoni’s classic maintains the traditional improvised spirit and grotesque masks of commedia in a contemporary reimagining. Take a gondola ride and see cross-dressers and decadent aristocrats take to the stage.

Darcy Kent.jpg

SMH says, The blokes are a basket of follies: Darcy Kent’s Florindo has a wonderfully stroppy, foppish air, while Roby Favretto’s idiotic Silvio wholly embraces physical comedy.

Stage Whispers describes, (Director) Rosa Campagnaro’s credentials as a physical theatre practitioner and expert in Commedia dell’ Arte are impressive and the Australian theatre scene is reaping the benefits of her fantastic artistry.

La Mama Courthouse, on until the 31st July – Tickets


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