Now Representing Andrew Henry

We’re excited to announce we are now representing Andrew Henry! An alumnus of the prestigious School at Steppenwolf in Chicago, Andrew has since become one of Australia’s most prominent theatre actors.

Andrew was last seen in The Blind Giant is Dancing directed by Eamon Flack for Belvoir. Andrew earned three consecutive nominations at the Sydney Theatre Awards for his roles in Of Mice and Men for Sport for Jove, All My Sons (Dir. Iain Sinclair) and Howie The Rookie (Dir. by Toby Schmitz), for which he was awarded Best Actor in an independent production.

Andrew recently completed work on The Code 2 and Janet King both for the ABC. Andrew can next be seen in the remount of Howie the Rookie at the Old Fitz Theatre.

Tuesday 17th May – Saturday 11th June Tickets:

Henry maintains eye contact with us throughout, insisting that we hear every word, and we do. The actor’s delivery in both physical and vocal terms is almost acrobatic in its agility. He is funny, outrageous and disturbing, always keeping us firmly in the palm of his hand, and the range of emotion he portrays can only be described as impressive. A major mood transition occurs at the end of his soliloquy that is absolutely breathtaking, and a must-see for any fan of the dramatic arts.” – Suzy Goes See

Andrew Henry is colossal as Howie, energetic, eloquent, and nuanced.” – Sydney Arts Guide

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