The stage stops for Megan Wilding

TOD cast and creatives for LOADED: A Double Bill of New Plays in the Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA. Sitting First Step LR: Hoa Xuande, Brittany Morel, Will O’Mahony (playwright and director Tonsils+ Tweezers ), Shalom Brune-Franklin (dark fizzy hair), Gita Bezard (Playwright – Girl Shut Your Mouth), Jeffrey Jay Fowler (Director Girl Shut Your Mouth), Jessica Paterson. Standing/Sitting Second Step: LR: Stephanie Panozzo, Megan Wilding, Lincoln Vickery, Adam Sollis. Pic. Iain Gillespie The West Australian
Megan Wilding (top left, standing) with cast and creatives of LOADED: A Double Bill. Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of WA.

2016 has seen Atelier take on some very talented NIDA and WAAPA Graduates. Among them Megan Wilding who has truly hit the ground running in the new year featuring in Will O’Mahony’s disconcerting Tonsils & Tweezers.

Playing at the Studio Underground for the Fringe World Festival in Perth, as part of a double bill with fellow WAAPA graduate Gita Bezard’s Girl Shut Your Mouth.

David Zampatti for The West Australian describes Tonsil & Tweezers as an “enigmatic, personal work about friendliness, friendship and the facades and veneers that hide what lurks beneath them.” Set on the day of their 10 year high school reunion, best friends Tonsil and Tweezers come up with a way to stop anyone from asking them “what they’ve been up to.”

In his review, Zampatti makes special mention of Megan writing, “the stage stops dead for her whenever she’s on it. I’ve got absolutely no idea what the future holds for her, but I hope it will be commensurate with her rare talent and charisma.”

All we can say is watch this space, we’ve got exciting things planned!

On until the 7th of February, get your tickets at

Read David Zampatti’s review here

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