Janine Watson Wins Prestigious Directors Award

Janine Watson with Sandra Bates and Priscilla Jackman
Janine Watson with Sandra Bates and Priscilla Jackman

The very talented Janine Watson has been named the winner of the Sandra Bates Directors award.

This will see Janine and co-winner Priscilla Jackman work as Assistant Directors on two plays each in the Ensemble Theatre’s 2016 season! Mark Kilmurry (Ensemble Theatre’s Artistic Director) said, “It was so hard to decide on the winners, it was such a tough list”.

Janine is a highly active theatre actor. She recently finished a run of Dracula in Melbourne with the Little Ones Theatre Company. She has woked for Bell Shakespeare’s Actors at Work program for the last two years and has been picked to do it again this year.  She also co-directed and acted in Infinity Taster at The Old Fitz.

Janine said “I’m delighted and humbled to be given this great opportunity. I’ve had a long held ambition to pursue directing.  This award will provide me an incomparable opportunity to continue learning from practitioners at the peak of their careers, directors with vision and skill aligned with my own passions.”

Read Ensemble’s full press release here.

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