Infinity Taster at the Old Fitz written by Rowan Davie & Directed by Janine Watson


Atelier artists Rowan Davie & Janine Watson team up to Write & Direct (and act!) in Infinity Taster at The Old Fitz.

PAUL has penned a screenplay. But CHASE WATERMAN offered the lead role to ROW CHALLOT. MOET is ready to pop. ARCHIE wants  his commission. BRAD doesn’t know what’s going on. And where, oh where is FIORENTE NESSUNO? You know, that genius director? He’s probs chewin’ down one of those amuse-bouche’s. You know, the, uh, Infinity Taster.

Written by Rowan Davie
Directed by Janine Watson
Stage Manager: Gen Muratore
Dramaturgical Assistance: Felix Gentle

Sept 15 – 19
9.45 pm
$15 Tues Preview
$22 Wed – Sat

The Late Night Show (after The Aliens)
The Old Fitz Theatre
129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo

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