Justina Ward set to play Anne Frank at the New Theatre

Justina Wardanne frank

“Why, oh why can’t people live together peacefully”

Anne Frank dreamt of immortality as a writer; yet it was her teenage diary, never meant for other eyes, which would make her one of the most powerful voices in literature.

In German-occupied Amsterdam during World War II, the Frank family has gone into hiding with another Jewish family in the attic of Otto Frank’s warehouse in order to escape persecution and imprisonment.

For two years, eight people live in one room, in fear of their lives, and 13-year old Anne documents their existence in forensic detail.  Through her precocious eyes are revealed the petty disputes, the personality clashes, the shared little pleasures: until, betrayed, they are discovered and sent to concentration camps.

Anne, her sister and mother all perished, but her father survived and published his daughter’s diary as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

To read more & to buy tickets visit: http://newtheatre.org.au/the-diary-of-anne-frank/

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