Emilie Cocquerel in The Credeaux Canvas

Credeaux Canvas PosterCredeaux Canvas - Emilie Cocquerel


AMBITION. SEX. LIES. ART. How far would you go to achieve your dreams? That is one of the burning questions at the heart of Keith Bunin’s sexy and tantalising play The Credeaux Canvas about relationships, obsession, desire and disillusionment.

In a hot and bold new production of The Credeaux Canvas an outstanding cast has been assembled to ignite Bunin’s fast-paced tragi-comedy. Directed by Dan Eady (This Is Our Youth), the exhilarating production features a powerhouse of young talent – James Wright (November Spawned a Monster) as Winston, Felix Johnson as Jamie and Emilie Cocquerel as Amelia. They are joined by popular actress Lisa Chappell (McLeod’s Daughters) as the art buyer Tess.

Thursday 29 January to Saturday 14 February, 2015
Seymour Centre, City Road, Chippendale
Tickets On Sale Now

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